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Covid 19


You do not need a health / vaccination pass to stay with us.

Reception / Reception:

  • Wearing a mask * is mandatory to enter the reception.
  • If customers are already in the reception, please wait outside ...
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel is available at reception.

Do not take your luggage, the rooms are accessible directly from the car park.

The Rooms:

To guarantee you optimal health security, we apply new protocols for disinfection of our premises and rooms in collaboration with our supplier of cleaning products.

All linen in our hotel is cleaned, treated and disinfected by a laundry specialist in hotel linen, RABC certified.

We have chosen to leave the decorative cushions as well as the bedspreads in the rooms so that they do not look like a hospital room! Also, please put all these decorative items aside in the closet when you take possession of your room and do not use them to sleep in it.

Following the arrival of the particularly transmissible Omicron variant, in order to protect us and avoid closure in the event of contamination, we no longer go into the rooms which are said to be in "recouche" (namely the rooms present over several nights). The change of towels is still possible.

  • The architecture of our hotel offers you a sanitary guarantee IDENTICAL to your home. There is NO lane of traffic, you can go freely from your room to your car without passing other customers.
  • Room keys are disinfected between each occupation, keep them with you during your stay.
  • Our rooms have individual air conditioning (disinfected each time the client leaves) preventing any collective spread of microbes or viruses.
  • When you leave the room for good, please open the windows while taking care not to leave the lights, air conditioning or heating in the room and the room on.

Breakfast / catering / relaxation:

  • Breakfast is served as a buffet with our regional products.
  • To guarantee maximum safety for all, we ask you to use the hydroalcoholic gel present each time you come to help yourself on the buffet.
  • Wearing a mask is of course compulsory for any movement inside the room.
  • Access to the breakfast buffet is not permitted for unmasked children under 11.
  • To eat, we offer jars of prepared meals at reception to heat in the microwave (provided for this purpose in a room open 24 hours a day).

The swimming pool is open from the beginning of May to the end of September, remember to take your swimsuits and beach towel.

We thank you in advance for your active collaboration and the trust you place in us.

* If you do not have a mask, we sell one at reception: 1 € / piece

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